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THE FESTIVAL (2010 - 2023)

Clara Schumann's Piano Concerto at Con Brio 2019

Sonam Lodhi performs Clara Schumann's Piano Concerto at Con Brio 2019, accompanied by the festival strings and directed by Parvesh Java.

The festival half of Con Brio brings together past Con Brio winners, other instrumentalists and singers from around India, and a few key guest musicians from different parts of the world. Unique programming is the key element of Con Brio and several pieces and composers are brought out of obscurity through the festival. Arrangements, both existing and created especially for the festival, also form an essential part of the festival to include more performers and to bring forth a work despite the unavailability of the original performing forces. A lot of time and effort goes into researching repertoire, finding scores and preparing arrangements. Finally, the performers for the festival meet in Mumbai one week before the concerts to rehearse.  HERE you will find more information about how Con Brio began and HERE you can download our iconic festival brochures from our very first “Schumania” in 2010.

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