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Winning a national competition is no mean task and each of these musicians stood out amongst several participants in the year they won. It takes hard work and dedication to prepare oneself to the required level and it also takes nerves of steel to present those efforts to a sizeable audience, be it in a concert hall or online. Above all, it takes great skill — both technical and musical — to finally make the mark. Each has a different story to tell, but they all belong to the group of musicians that will shape the future of Western Classical Music in our country.

As is often the case with competitions, someone very worthy to win, may for one reason or another slip through the net. In those cases, it's really a loss for the Foundation to not have them on our roster and to rectify this we instituted an honorary award in 2018. This award is by invitation only and may not be applied for. To be considered, you need to be an active musician of a very high calibre, living and working in India, contributing regularly to the development of Western Classical Music in the country. Nadine Jo Crasto is the only recipient of this award so far.

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