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  • Choose pieces which showcase your technical and musical ability in the best possible way.

  • Balance your programme in terms of styles and moods.

  • You may include individual pieces or movements from large-scale works such as sonatas, song cycles, etc.

  • Use your discretion when deciding whether or not to perform a repeat.

  • Ensure that the duration of your programme falls within the prescribed time limit of each round, including all breaks between pieces.

  • You may perform your pieces using the score. You may not however use a page-turner. Memorise or use photocopies of short sections to ensure that the music is not interrupted by page turns.


  • Record the two pre-screening videos, each in a single, uninterrupted, unedited take. There is one compulsory and one own-choice piece – record each piece in a separate video.

  • You may use a video camera or a phone camera. Ensure that the resolution is sufficiently high (minimum 360p).

  • Sound quality is very important and should not be distorted.

  • The recording should be in landscape mode.

  • Please use a mount of some kind for the recording device, such as a tripod, to ensure that the image is completely still, and do not change the position of the device during the performance.

  • You are strongly advised to record audio and video on the same device, as synchronisation issues between sound and video will not be accepted under any circumstances.

  • You must record your programme on an acoustic piano, well in tune.

  • The camera should be placed at the treble end of the piano and provide a clear view of the entire keyboard, your entire body (including your feet and the pedals of the piano) and at least a side profile of your face.


After you have prepared the two pre-screening works to the best of your ability, record your performances. Upload the two clips to YouTube. You may keep the videos private but ensure that they can be viewed in all countries simply with a link.

From your primary email address, send an email to with the subject “CB24 Entry - Piano”.

Include the following five items in the body:
1. Full name, as you would like it to appear in the programme and certificate.
2. Date of birth.
3. Home town or city in India, i.e. where you consider yourself to be most from.
4. Scan your passport data pages containing your photograph, name, and date of birth.
5. Two links to the two videos of your prescreening works.

The last date for entering the competition is June 1, 2024. Confirmed semifinalists will receive an e-mail by/on June 15, 2024. Late entries MAY be accepted if an adequate number of deserving semifinalists have not been selected. If you wish to enter after July 1, please email us to check, but please note this cannot be guaranteed.


Round 1 (Pre-screening):
1. Compulsory Set Work: Morning Prayer from Children's Album by Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky, Op. 39 No. 1. Click here to access the score.
2. A piece of your own choice, lasting 2-4 minutes.

Round 2 (Semifinals):
A programme lasting 4-6 minutes comprising works of your choice.


  • The chosen pieces must represent the early works of their composer.

  • The chosen pieces must represent the countries of Western and Eastern Europe (excluding Russia), through any connection you find plausible.

Round 3 (Finals):
A Final Programme lasting 10-12 minutes comprising works of your own choice.


  • The chosen pieces must represent the early works of their composer.

  • The chosen pieces must represent the countries of Northern Europe or Russia, through any connection you find plausible.

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